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The Bach Flower Remedies

An Interview With Larry Miller

Larry Miller calls the Bach Flower remedies “the most remarkable healing system I know.” Which counts for something, since this 34-year-old herb­alist, who lives alone in Cedar Grove, North Car­olina, knows a good deal about healing. A quiet man, with warm, lively eyes, Larry has studied herbs, on his own, for seven years. He manages Harmony, a Chapel Hill natural foods store. And, with some friends, he’s about to start marketing a new natural food candy bar called Power Pak.

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Notes From A Radical Aquarian

I can neither vouch for the coherence nor justify the logic or lack thereof in what follows. It is a simple gushing outrage that winds up as a quiet self-proclamation, and as such, only the unknown rules of the wildness of psyche can apply here. Whatever of anger can be detected in these words, I dedicate to Leaf Diamant, who roasts on the coals of the unconscious those who are wise, brave, or naive enough to let him.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Energy: Passive Design

From Ken Kern to Popular Science there’s been a lot of talk about the importance of proper siting of your home in relation to the sun (so-called passive design). I agree with them completely. The first half of this article explains the movement of the earth around the sun and on its own axis and how that affects you and your home. (It will also help you to tell time and direction by the sun.) The second half gives some specifics on how to design to best use the sun. Most of these ideas are useful only in new construction but should be of some value to owners of existing homes, especially if they’re considering solar heating.

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Energy: Around The Corner

Water shortages in parts of the U.S. and other countries are currently causing great inconvenience. By that I mean people’s normal routines are being interrupted. Temporarily, at least, habits have changed. Flushing away five gallons of fresh water for one cup of urine seems quite wasteful when water is in short supply. It should seem wasteful all the time. I would like to think that a few of the water-conserving measures instituted now will become permanent. Unfortunately, actions in the aftermath of the 1973 oil shortage don’t give much cause for hope. However, like it or not, resource conserving lifestyles must evolve soon, even in the affluent countries.

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Channel One

I would like to comment on the article that you wrote in the issue of “Birth and Death,” that, to me, was the most timely subject at this point in my life. Being a widow, and separated from my children by hundreds of miles, I find that my new life has brought on new reconditioning.


Fortune Cookies

I was looking up monasteries in the yellow pages when she knocked. I was living at this time in Jersey City, N.J., on top of a meat market. It was the dingiest of places. I got up from my fleabitten couch. I opened the door to a dazzling darkhaired woman. “My name is Mindy,” she said. I immediately looked at Mindy’s breasts. I suggested she come in. Mindy nodded and entered my apartment. “What sign are you?” she asked as she walked to a window, scratching the glass with her fingernails. “Capricorn,” I said. “Don’t worry,” said Mindy, “Nobody important was ever a Capricorn.”

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Armageddon: A Scenario

What’s going on in the next ten years is centered around the Mid-East. That’s the conclusion I draw from The Fatima Prophecy and all the Bible prophe­cies and the techniques they’re using at the Rand Corporation and the Hudson Institute. The Bible prophecies start with growing Mid-East tension over oil distribution and religious strife. It looks like someone will throw the Bomb. Finally, a ten-nation common market, including the United States, is formed to bring about peace. The Bible prophecies don’t say which nation is going to head it, but I think it’s the United States. Let’s say that this common mar­ket pulls it off. Peace is restored. As a result, there are new alignments, which once again set Russia and the West at odds. Russia is not a member.

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