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No Bars To Freedom

Bo Lozoff’s Letters To And From Prisoners

Dear Billy,
Nice to hear from you. You know, you said that you were a coward and a real piece of shit, but if that’s so, then who was the sensitive, intelligent human being who was moved to tears by the story of Gandhi’s courage? That takes a lot of courage and openness, too, you know.


There are those who say miracles are part of the good news, but I am not so sure that what they are referring to is actually so good. In hard times, many look for good news or seek out the bad — the former to disperse or suppress the latter or the latter to shore up and elevate the former.

Letter From unVacationland

The view from the kitchen window is pretty-damned decent, and would encourage one to go on cooking. All looks fairly right with the world. Old friends, guests for the week, are playing and laughing in the backyard despite the drawbacks of the K-Mart badminton set.


Grief And Happiness At The Home

The Home for Refined Ladies was an old, turreted, red-brick building converted from a Catholic girls’ academy which had moved to a newer building in a better part of Dubuque, Iowa, up on the hills overlooking the Mississippi.

The Match

There was a woman with one desire: to win a tennis game with God. She invited God to play tennis. God agreed and they set a date: Saturday, March 3.

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Little Lies

The Lilliputians, Jesse Helms, the birds and bees

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If you have any notion of where you are going, you will never get anywhere.

Joan Miro

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